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24” Switchable Male/Female XLR-3 to TA3F cable, Canare L2E5 cable, Convertcon XLR 3-pin connector. Problem-Solver interface cable for various devices with balanced TA3M connections - most notably Sound Devices 7-Series Recorders and 6-Series Field Mixer/recorders. The ConnvertX-3 has a selectable “gender” XLR-3 so it can be used as either an Input or Output cable via the devices TA3M connectors. Use w/ 633, 644, 688, 552, 788T etc.


  • Length: 24”
    TA3F to XLR-3F/XLR-3M
    Selectable Gender XLR-3
    for Sound Devices
    For 633, 788T, 688, 664, 552 etc.

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