24” TA3F to TA5F, for Sound Devices 633, 552, 664, 688 or 788T TA3 Balanced outs to Lectro transmitters “Hops” cable, -45 dB pad, Blue cable. 

Our CT-PCL cables send audio to a Lectro transmitter via the TA3 Line Level Balanced outs on the Sound Devices 633, 664, 688, 788T etc.. These outputs are often used for wireless audio to camera links from a sound mixer on location. Available in 18” or 24” lengths. The level to Lectro transmitter is -45 dB. Choose Blue or Red cable. Also good for the TA3 “Analog Bal Line Outs” 1-4 on a 788T. Typical compatible Lectro models include SMa, SMQV and UM400a.


  • Length: 24"
    For Sound Devices Mixers to Lectro Transmitters
    Blue 3.8mm Diameter Cable
    Balanced TA3F to TA5F TX Input
    -45 dB pad

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