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Stage & Studio Low-Profile XLR-3F to 1/4" TRS Balanced cable with Mogami W2893 QUAD cable. Currently avaiable in 18 inch, 3 foot and 6 foot lengths. Black cap. Perfect for example for Temple Audio pedalboards using Neural DSP's Quad Cortex into the Temple Audio Modules.


  • You can adjust the right angle outlet(s) orientation within a 120º range to fine-tune your cable direction on mixer desks and racks

  • Low-Profile right angle design reduces cable stress at connector exits

  • Equipped with our new B-Shell Low-Profile Right Angle XLR 3-pin Female Connector(s), B-Shell = Adjustable Multi-angle cable exit 120° around 6 o'clock or 12 o'clock, matte Black shell with gold pins. Perfect for mics on a stand or rack panels and audio gear.

  • Smaller, lighter and less obtrusive than standard right angle XLR connectors that's especially useful for cable management when drums and instruments are "mic'd-up"

Stage & Studio Low-Profile XLR-3F to 1/4" TRS for Temple Audio Modules

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