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18" LPS Low-Profile TA3F to LPXLR-3M cable. Perfect for Lectrosonics LR and SR receivers with SREXT/SRBATTSLED or Wisycom into XLR inputs of Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Zoom, Tascam and other compatible gear.


On both the TA3F and XLR-3M mini set-screws lock down the color cap securely and allow for degree of outlet adjustment. The outlet can be set to either Left or Right of the release pin for maximum flexibility to mate with most XLR panel inputs.


Our Lo-Pro cables significantly reduce the profile of interconnect panels. The cable diameter is a slim 2.7mm yet extremely durable with an ultra-flexible PUR Polyurethane Jacket material that is crush resistant, tear-resistant and cold-resistant.

Available in 10 Cap colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Gray, Purple and Brown. Our Low-Profile connectors are manufactured with the highest quality standards and are fully repairable with ease in the field.

18" LPS Low-Profile TA3F to LPXLR-3M cable

Select Color
  • CT-LPS-3TMX-18K, Black
    CT-LPS-3TMX-18R, Red
    CT-LPS-3TMX-18B, Blue
    CT-LPS-3TMX-18G, Green
    CT-LPS-3TMX-18Y, Yellow
    CT-LPS-3TMX-18N, Orange
    CT-LPS-3TMX-18W, White
    CT-LPS-3TMX-18A, Gray

    CT-LPS-3TMX-18P, Purple

    CT-LPS-3TMX-18S, Brown

  • Length: 18"

    LPS-TA3 Female

    LPXLR-3 Male
    2.7mm OD cable jacket

    Adjustable Outlets, Left or Right

    Ultra-flexible PUR Polyurethane Jacket

    Crush resistant, tear-resistant and cold-resistant


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