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Color Caps for LPS Low-Profile right angle TA "Mini XLR" Connectors. Available in 10 interchangeable Cap colors to customize your color profile at any time: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Gray, Purple and Brown.

Two Cap Versions: Standard cap accepts cable diameters up to 3.2mm and the new Large cap accepts cables up to 5.0mm. Injection moulded in rock-solid durable ABS thermoplastic to assure maximum impact resistance and toughness.


Compatible with all Cable Techniques LPS Series 3-pin, 4-pin and 5-pin TA "Mini XLR" connector types. Also available as a dual set of all 10 color caps.

Color Caps for LPS LoPro TA Connectors

Select Color
  • CT-LPS-CAP-K or CT-LPS-CP-LK, Black
    CT-LPS-CAP-B or CT-LPS-CP-LB, Blue
    CT-LPS-CAP-G or CT-LPS-CP-LG, Green
    CT-LPS-CAP-Y or CT-LPS-CP-LY, Yellow
    CT-LPS-CAP-N or CT-LPS-CP-LN, Orange
    CT-LPS-CAP-W or CT-LPS-CP-LW, White
    CT-LPS-CAP-A or CT-LPS-CP-LA, Gray
    CT-LPS-CAP-P or CT-LPS-CP-LP, Purple
    CT-LPS-CAP-S or CT-LPS-CP-L, Brown

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