Cable Techniques 3.2mm OD Raw Cable for Low-Profile Connectors, 2 Leads + Braided Shield. Color: Black. Price Per Meter (3.3'). *Quantity selected above 1 meter will be supplied as a single cut.


Compatible with our LoPro 3-pin XLR connectors and many more. The cable diameter is a slim 3.2mm yet extremely durable with an ultra-flexible PUR Polyurethane Jacket material that is crush resistant, tear-resistant and cold-resistant.


We use this cable type for all our LPXR Series XLR-3F to XLR-3M LoPro cables, e.g. CT-LPXR-18 and more.

3.2mm OD Raw Cable for LoPro Connectors, 2 + Shield, per meter

  • 3.2mm OD

    2 Leads + Braided Shield

    Ultra-flexible PUR Polyurethane Jacket

    Conductor: Tin-plated stranded copper conductors

    Stranding: 2 stranded insulated wires

    Construction: 2 × 0.14 mm2

    Crush resistant, tear-resistant and cold-resistant

    Great for LoPro XLR-3 and more