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18” TA3F to TA5F "HOPS" cable for Sound Devices Scorpio, 888, 833, 633, 552, 664, 688 or 788T TA3 Balanced outs to Lectro transmitters “Hops” cable, LINE Level, no pad, Blue cable. Wiring is same as MC49 made by Lectro.


Our HOPS cables send audio to a Lectro transmitter via the TA3 Line Level Balanced outs on the Sound Devices recorders for wireless audio to camera links from a sound mixer on location. Typical compatible Lectro models include SMV, SMWB, SMDWB, SMa, SMQV and UM400a.


The cable diameter is a slim 3.8mm yet extremely durable with an ultra-flexible PUR Polyurethane Jacket material that is crush resistant, tear-resistant and cold-resistant.

"HOPS" cable for Sound Devices to Lectrosonics

  • Length: 18"
    For Sound Devices Recorders to Lectro Transmitters
    Blue 3.8mm OD Cable
    Balanced TA3F to TA5F TX Input
    LINE Level
    Ultra-flexible PUR Polyurethane Jacket
    crush resistant, tear-resistant and cold-resistant

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