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39" 3.5mm TRS Mini Moulded Locking Right Angle Connector Moulded Assembly, High quality for use for DIY Low-Profile cables for Sennheiser G4/G3, RodeLink, Senal wireless and more. The Mini 3.5mm TRS locking connector is ultra Low-Profile, unobtrusive and field durable.  


Moulded connector includes 39" cable, unterminated, Served shield + 2 wire leads, OD 3.0mm

Mini 3.5mm TRS LoPro Locking Connector Moulded Assembly, 39"

  • Length: 39”
    Moulded Mini 3.5mm TRS
    Locking collar 3.5mm
    Ultra-Flexible PVC Jacket
    Cable OD: 3.0mm
    Served shield + 2 wire leads
    Weight: 0.5 oz

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