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Low-Profile TA3F "Mini XLR" 3-pin Female Connector, Right 90° Side-exit, Fixed outlet orientation RIGHT of release button, use with Sound Devices 633, 664, 688 TA3 Inputs and Outputs and 788T (Outputs only), Lectrosonics LR receiver and more.

Accepts cable diameters up to 3.4mm. Available with a choice of 10 color caps. We offer compatible high-quality bulk cable for our Lo-Pro connectors sold by the meter for DIY projects. Also compatible with popular slim cable models such as Belden 1804A, Mogami W2901, W3031 and W2697.

Low-Profile TA3F, Exit Right - DISCONTINUED

  • CT-LPTA3-R-K, Black
    CT-LPTA3-R-R, Red
    CT-LPTA3-R-B, Blue
    CT-LPTA3-R-G, Green
    CT-LPTA3-R-Y, Yellow
    CT-LPTA3-R-N, Orange
    CT-LPTA3-R-W, White
    CT-LPTA3-R-A, Gray

    CT-LPTA3-R-P, Purple

    CT-LPTA3-R-S, Brown

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