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Low-Profile Cables | Ultra-Slim, Lightweight, Premium Quality

Interconnect cables with Low-Profile connectors considerably reduce the weight of your rig and allow for beautifully organized setups that benefit your workflow. With our series of Low-Profile cables we set out to have them be rock-solid durable and versatile that can be adapted to the worlds most popular sound gear and easily repaired in the field if ever needed. 

Reduce the load 
LoPro cables are up to 40% lighter than standard XLR cables while significantly reducing the profile of the interconnect panels with no compromise on quality and durability.

Custom, Slim High-Quality Cable
We use 
premium quality slim cable that is crush resistant, tear-resistant, cold-resistant and easy to wind. For 3-pin connections we use either a 2.7mm, 3.2mm or 3.8mm cable and a 2.8mm version for the 5-pin connections. Our cable is available raw measured in meters for DIY projects.

Color Coded

The XLR connectors and TA3/TA5 connectors are available with 10 different Cap colors. The interchangeable XLR Color Caps can be ordered separately to customize your color profile at any time and the TA Polydomes can be changed as well.

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